Hey there little guy! iPhone 4 / 4s case

Hey there little guy! iPhone 4 / 4s case 3d printed Gadgets Cases


Hey there little guy!......


........is what people will be saying when they catch a glimpse of this little treasure.


The case fits snuggly around your iPhone 4 / 4S helping to protect against physical damage.


Go on show your iPhone 4/4S you love it!


Note: The item has slighlty changed from the main image (red one), see renderings, they are accurate.

Two horizontal bars have been added.......this make the case alot stronger. Also the circle that surrounds the apple logo has been moved slightly.


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Gadgets, Cases
cm: 6.136 w x 1.234 d x 11.796 h
in: 2.416 w x 0.486 d x 4.644 h


really smart, nice idea, but doesn't make a great case. It's very loose fitting and the cutouts in the back get caught on everything.
June 19, 2012, 5:23 pm
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