Pixel iPhone 4 / 4s case

Pixel iPhone 4 / 4s case 3d printed Gadgets Cases


'Pixel' is a D.I.Y. iPhone 4 / 4s case. Its been designed with the creative in mind, and those who aren't pleased with the same look day-in day-out.


With multiple color options and new colors on their way, this case provides a high level of customization.


The 'Pips' which can be bought here, can easily be separated from one another with a scalpel or craft knife. Then simply push the 'Pips' into any of the corresponding holes on the case. They will hold snugly and allow for easy removal and re-design.


Short words or initials work well too!


Create away!


Note: Care must be taken to remove all the post material that connects the individual 'Pips' otherwise they may not fit side by side perfectly.


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cm: 6.14 w x 1.24 d x 11.8 h
in: 2.417 w x 0.488 d x 4.646 h


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April 9, 2012, 12:50 pm
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