Fire Hawk Cruiser - round nacelles

Fire Hawk Cruiser - round nacelles 3d printed Miniatures SciFi
The next generation of Centurion ships was designed with the lessons of two wars and one cold-war in mind. An even mix of durability, maneuverability and a hard hitting first strike were emphasized in the Fire Hawk hull.

The class spawned many variants, but all were able to face a variety of situations and emerge victorious. The Centurion Empire lagged behind its enemies and allies in terms of modern warships but the Fire Hawk represented their first native third generation vessel and served the Centurion Empire well as a durable ship of the line.

This variant shows that it was made early in the war by the rounded nacelles characteristic of pre-war Centurion technology.

1:3000 scale. Detail materials recommended. Model updated 4-6-12.
cm: 6.724 w x 6.482 d x 1.282 h
in: 2.647 w x 2.552 d x 0.505 h


  • Frosted Detail

    Matte translucent plastic with fine print lines that reveals small details.


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