1st/2nd Baggage Car

by renegourley
1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Description
1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Description
1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Description
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1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Description
1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Description
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1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures
1st/2nd Baggage Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures
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Some extra details are wanted: lamp vents, Baker heater stack and expansion tank, toilet vents and handrails.  The windows and baggage doors can be lasercut if you contact me for the pattern.  See my blog on www.proto87.org for more information.

This model of Canada Atlantic #2 is based entirely on four photographs that show a combine on the Pembroke Southern. From the photos, it is impossible to discern the number; however an undated roster from the Grand Trunk Railway shows two 1st/2nd/baggage cars that were inherited from the CA -- numbers 2 and 4. Assuming our Pembroke Southern car was leased from the CA, which was the operating railroad, and assuming it survived until the GTR roster was compiled, the PS car was either CA 2 or 4. We have a clear photo of CA 4, and it does not match the PS car. So, if all our conjectures are true, then the PS car was CA 2.
Having said that, by the time of the roster, the GTR car was clearly different from the PS car. Notably, on the GTR car, the windows were double, not single. This seems a major structural difference, but all the other dimensions match. It is possible that the car was modified by the GTR or that the roster was incorrect. In any case, this model represents the Pembroke Southern car, which was certainly leased as the PS had no passenger equipment of their own, and the CA seems a likely lessor, and CA #2 is a likely identity.
The length of the PS car was drawn from the photo of the train at Golden Lake and the known length of the bridge spans at Golden Lake. Dimensions such as height and width were standard on the CA to within three inches, and so, I used those standard dimensions where they were applicable.
Where I had no data for the PS car or for the CA, I resorted to industry information. The CA built many of their own coaches, but they also bought cars from Crossen in their earlier years, and Pullman later on. We are fortunate that Ted Rafuse has written an excellent book on the Crossen Car Company, and this served to furnish some typical details.
Further information on typical car construction was gleaned from the Voss book on Railway Car Construction, especially the chapter on a NYC&HRR day coach. The cross-section of the clerestory was especially helpful in getting the roof correct, as was the body bolster drawing. Many other details were pulled from the White’s book on passenger cars and from a visual dictionary for car builders.
Finally the question of colour took months to resolve. Obviously, we have no colour photographs of CA rolling stock. There is one colorized post card that may show some of passenger cars, although the cars are on the Canadian Pacific’s track, and so they are just as likely the CP’s. We also have a newspaper account suggesting that CA passenger trains were “Turkish Rouge.” This note lead me on a lengthy mission that ultimately culminated in replicating an antique cosmetics recipe using the original ingredients; the key ingredient is Alkanet, and it has a beautiful pinky-red colour under some light. I’ve never seen a colour change so dramatically from one light source to the next, however, and the colour of the model depends heavily on the light under which it is viewed.



IN: 8.473 w x 1.412 d x 1.439 h
CM: 21.522 w x 3.586 d x 3.656 h
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Sorry Johnnylingo, just noticed your comment now. It would be a whole bunch of work to scale to N as I'm bumping up against MWT all over the place.
July 3, 2011, 5:18 am
How about scaling this to N scale?
November 6, 2009, 9:06 pm
If you order this in white glaze please let me know how it turned out!
September 18, 2009, 7:32 am


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