Dotm Bee Upgrade 01 Windows

Dotm Bee Upgrade 01 Windows 3d printed Figurines SciFi
This upgrade is meant to be used on the dotm deluxe class bumblebee mold, its a replacement for the windows, with a better fitting ones for a cleaner look, cutting the "rally grids" is required, i recommend to dye it in clear blue/red/orange(depending on the repaint version used of the mold, to match figure original window colors this windows where made using exact meassures to provide a perfect fit on the original figure, can be used with the (Rally Grid) as well but it would render the purpose of this useless WARNING: model untested
cm: 3.824 w x 1.132 d x 1.286 h
in: 1.506 w x 0.446 d x 0.506 h


  • Transparent Detail

    Firm translucent plastic with a smooth surface and rubbery feel.


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