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Isodice bundle 3

by friz
Isodice bundle 3 3d printed Art Mathematical Art Rendering
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


A set of isohedral hollow dice. Each of them is already available in standalone form. In this bundle:

1) Isohedral rhombic hexahedron (6 faces). See rendering, yellow.
2) Isohedral scalene tetrahedron (4 faces). See rendering, dark red.
3) Hexagonal "true" trapezohedron (12 faces). See rendering, cyan.
4) Hexagonal "true" dipyramid (10 faces). See rendering, brown.
5) Pentagonal equilateral dipyramid - deltahedron (10 faces). See rendering, green.


IN: 3.041 w x 3.041 d x 3.041 h
CM: 7.724 w x 8.168 d x 2.678 h