Bolero by Jeff Namkung

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


A new 4x4x4 interlocking puzzle cube designed by Jeff Namkung. This complex puzzle briefly held the record as it requires a sequence of 8 moves to get the first piece out and then 4 more moves for the second piece, and another two for the third. This puzzle prints beautifully at the larger, 4 cm size and presents a real challenge for the experienced puzzle solver. After working constantly on it for 90 minutes I had to resort to using the computer for a hint, as my head was beginning to ache! It may not be the longest in move counts but it is definitely one of Jeff's hardest puzzles.


IN: 4.717 w x 4.717 d x 4.717 h
CM: 11.982 w x 8.982 d x 3.982 h