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Eldrich visceral A pose 1

Not For Sale
Part of the 7 race sampler! 7 prototype races have been created by us here at BigBad, designed to be new races for wargaming rather than stand in's. At the end of May the races with the most sales will be fleshed out into a full race range! So support your favourite today! -----------The Eldrich race is made from a host of horrible disturbing beasts and the humans that control them. There manner is cold and silent, there actions are bloody and violent. Characteristics; big tooth filled maw, blood soaked metal, jagged armoured knights, tentacles, twisted visions intertwining beauty and disgust.Doesn't come with a base.


IN: 2.728 w x 2.728 d x 2.728 h
CM: 6.93 w x 3.05 d x 4.056 h