Air Elf A pose1

Air Elf A pose1 3d printed Figurines Miniatures
Part of the 7 race sampler! 7 prototype races have been created by us here at BigBad, designed to be new races for wargaming rather than stand in's. At the end of May the races with the most sales will be fleshed out into a full race range! So support your favourite today! -------------------- Air elves are nomadic elves, riding about on big airships. There fancy , narcissistic and elitist . Characteristics are; fangs, sideways pointy ears, crowns, flying units, agility, fancy flowing armour, arcane technology and airships. the vat on there back contains magic lighter than air gas that reduces the weight and allows for acrobatic moves on the battle field.Doesn't come with a base.
cm: 5.936 w x 4.028 d x 2.418 h
in: 2.337 w x 1.586 d x 0.952 h


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