ringflower s58

ringflower s58 3d printed Jewelry Rings
Due to a new problem of production I must change the original model ring flower) to the new model (new ringflower). Shapeways doesn't want to produce them anymore, too thin... I will soon change the pictures. here is a good link to see the good size of ring.. I propose several sizes but of course I can upload others...! http://www.onlineconversion.com/ring_size.htm I only propose this model in silver because this model is too thick to be made in stainless steel, if you want to order in SS, see the model call "new ringflower"
cm: 2.318 w x 1.742 d x 2.596 h
in: 0.913 w x 0.686 d x 1.022 h


  • Gold Plated Brass

    Pure brass plated in 22k gold and hand-polished to a fine sheen.


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