2 Combines Nn3

2 Combines Nn3 3d printed Model trains Miniatures
Based on DRGW combine 210, as used on the Silverton mixed in the 40's. Requires MT wheels and couplers, etched brass handrails and decals available from RepublicLocomotiveWorks.com Trucks included.
Links to RLW parts needed to finish:
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=287 couplers
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=299 wheels
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=410 brass handrails
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=663 decals
cm: 8.34 w x 6.784 d x 1.574 h
in: 3.283 w x 2.671 d x 0.62 h


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