STFU!!! Ring

STFU!!! Ring 3d printed Jewelry Gift Guide

Convey your feelings with a ''special'' gift...

Step 1: Find the appropriate Internet Meme Ring

Step 2: Choose your favourite material from the drop-down menu on the right

Step 3: Identify your size at the chart above or here (US/CANADA sizes) and

Step 4: Co-create your ring by pressing the ''Personalize'' button.

Note: The item you order may require cleaning of extra support material and/or polishing.

WARNING: Some materials such as Stainless Steel tend to shrink during the manufacturing process, sometimes up to 8%. Keep that in mind when ordering your custom size.

cm: 2.4 w x 0.67 d x 2.426 h
in: 0.945 w x 0.264 d x 0.955 h


  • Stainless Steel

    Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.