Name Foot 1 line Sterling Silver

Name Foot 1 line Sterling Silver 3d printed Jewelry Personalize your own
YOUR NAME on a foot pendant! - Great for your Hash Name!
One Line of Text per side, Two Lines total. 12-16 characters per line (fewer with "W" and "M")

Have a longer name? A 2 Line version is available.

Designed specifically to be printed in Sterling Silver.
Less expensive Plastic and Stainless Steel versions are available.

To PERSONALIZE your foot, FIRST you must login to shapeways, if not already. (Very top of page on the right)
Then click the "Personalize 1st" button below.
Personalize 1st
This will take you to the Gilligonia web page. You will be given an ID Code and interactively create your Personalized Text.

When you return to the Shapeways page, CLICK the "Personalize" button above right. This will open up a form. Then PASTE the "ID Code and Personalized Text" where indicated on the form.

NOTE: Necklace cord is NOT included.
NOTE: Block Box, not Velvet bag included ONLY with Silver!
cm: 6.94 w x 3.152 d x 0.792 h
in: 2.732 w x 1.241 d x 0.312 h


  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.