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Check Rail Chairs 1.25mm Twin Pack

  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


7mm/ft 1:43.5 chairs for BS95R bullhead rail. Based on the LNER NE region designs of 1926 they have a 1.25mm flangeway for use with 31.2mm gauge and S7 gauge-widening. Comprises sufficient chairs for 4 check-rails: 4*CCL, 16*CC and 4*CCR chairs (a.k.a. S1CL, S1C and S1CR respectively). The running rail is inclined at 1:20 but the check rail is held verTically; indicated by a "T" on the underside of each chair.

Note that these check-rail chairs are designed to be used alongside the injection-moulded ABS chairs and code 125 bullhead rail produced by C&L.

See the 1.02mm single pack version for additional images of this product. For prototype information, instructions, photographs, hints and tips please go to our web-site.

Available in different pack sizes:
Single pack comprising 2*CCL 8*CC 2*CCR sufficient for 2 check-rails.
Twin pack comprising 4*CCL 16*CC 4*CCR sufficient for 4 check-rails.
Four pack comprising 8*CCL 32*CC 8*CCR sufficient for 8 check-rails.
Eight pack comprising 16*CCL 64*CC 16*CCR sufficient for 16 check-rails.

Available with different flangeways:
1.02mm Flangeway for Scale7 33mm gauge
1.25mm Flangeway for 31.2mm gauge & Scale7 gauge widening
1.50mm Flangeway for 31.5mm gauge & Scale7 gauge widening
1.75mm Flangeway for O finescale 32mm gauge


IN: 2.144 w x 2.144 d x 2.144 h
CM: 5.446 w x 5.4 d x 0.348 h