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Jodie - unique -

Jodie - unique - 3d printed Sculptures Personalize your own Silver Glossy printed
Silver Glossy printed
Not For Sale
+++++ YOUR personalized EXCLUSIVE unique ring! +++++
You send me your wish / grafik / idea and I will put it on this ring (instead of the orca ;-) Please contact me before order - so I could decide if your wish is possible to realize.

Jodie -unique- is available in every size between 12.5 and 22.5 mm (inside diameter). Choose Silver Glossy or Premium Silver for best result and most details.

Please check out your material here:
Shapeways Material Portfolio

If you do not know your ringsize in mm this links may help you:

Size at 22.5 mm inside diameter:


IN: 0.605 w x 0.605 d x 0.605 h
CM: 1.536 w x 2.326 d x 2.004 h
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