Pentagram Signet Ring

  • Polished Gold Steel

    Enrobed in 24k gold and polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


This is for making impressions on sealing wax in the form of a pentagram, an ancient symbol with many different historical associations ( and commonly linked in modern context with Wicca or Witchcraft. Also available as a traditional seal.

Caution: remove signet rings from your hand before using to make an impression. The ring will get hot. Please be careful to avoid burns when using fire or hot wax.

Premium sealing wax can be ordered through our main website or Etsy Store.

This symbol is also available as a seal.


IN: 0.837 w x 0.837 d x 0.837 h
CM: 2.126 w x 2.468 d x 2.126 h