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''ShapeTool Mini'' Keychain Multitool

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  • Stainless Steel

    Bronze-infused stainless steel with visible print lines and rough feel.


The ''ShapeTool Mini'' Multitool is a practical keychain accessory, useful for everyday tasks such as letter/cardboard box opening, cutting, nail removal/scraping and puncturing.
''Shapetool Mini'' specifications:
Length: 7,9 cm / Height: 2,1 cm / Width: 0,3 cm / Blade Length: 3,6 cm / Weight: 13gr

Available in several finishes and materials (Stainless Steel, Antique Bronze Matte, Antique Bronze Glossy, Gold Plated Matte, Gold Plated Glossy, Silver and Silver Glossy). Please choose from the right.
For safety reasons when carried in a pocket, a protective sheath is recommended and available here.

Note: The item you order may require cleaning of extra support material, polishing and sharpening. The item will be shipped unsharpened and the bladed side can be used as a scraper.


IN: 2.457 w x 2.457 d x 2.457 h
CM: 6.24 w x 0.3 d x 2.132 h