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Me 262 Schwalbe

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Messerschmitt Me 262 'Schwalbe', miniature aircraft, 1:900, fighter
The Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe ("Swallow") was the world's first operational jet-powered fighter aircraft. In combat, when properly flown, it proved difficult to counter due to its speed. Me 262 pilots claimed a total of 542 Allied kills (although higher claims are sometimes made) against the loss of about 100 Me 262s. The design was pressed into a variety of roles, including light bomber, reconnaissance and even experimental night fighter versions.


IN: 2.996 w x 2.996 d x 2.996 h
CM: 7.61 w x 2.7 d x 1.846 h