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Windowfarms Valve

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


The Windowfarms valve is designed for use with Windowfarms™ hydroponic foodgrowing systems and other hydroponic systems that rely on the air-lift technique to circuiate water.

This valve has been uniquely designed to connect a 3/8" OD rigid plastic tube (water uptake) to 3/16" OD flexible air line (air outlet). The combination of the two creates an air-lift or Venturi effect inside the valve, allowing water to be pumped up the rigid tube.

Benefits of this design over standard T-valves are:

  • - Water flow will not be obstructed if the valve is seated at the base of the water reservoir.
  • - Rigid Tube and Air Hose are aligned vertically, allowing a compact and organized tube arrangement inside the bottom reservoir.
  • - 6"-12" higher pumping heights or 'head-heights' can be reached with this valve as compared to standard T-valves.
  • Dimensions

    IN: 0.759 w x 0.759 d x 0.759 h
    CM: 1.928 w x 1.14 d x 5.1 h