Roland D.VIb 1/144th

Roland D.VIb 1/144th 3d printed Miniatures Miniatures
The Roland D.VI was a fighter aircraft commissioned by the German Empire during World War I. A total of 350 DVIa'swere built, 150 D.VIas powered by the Mercedes, while the remaining 200 were powered by the Benz III and were called D.VIb. The Roland DVIb differs visually in its use of larger balanced ailerons and elevators.
cm: 4.994 w x 5.022 d x 2.062 h
in: 1.966 w x 1.977 d x 0.812 h


I've always thought this was a pretty plane. the "klinker" construction on the fuselage was odd but reminded me of Viking long boats. Definitely appropriate in those mid 1918 scenarios with some Fok D7s but still Alb DVs and triplanes around, before the D7's production really caught up. And a lot of 'famous' planes were made in numbers like this-- about the same number as the Fok triplane for example. 350 is a fair amount for the Germans. Thanks
December 3, 2011, 6:47 pm
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