Precast concrete bridge segment (wide/recess) (1:8

Precast concrete bridge segment (wide/recess) (1:8 3d printed Model trains Miniatures Painted & assembled
Painted & assembled
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


[UK]Precast concrete bridge segment
This is a HO/1:87 scale miniature.
The 2 parts form together the segment of the precast concrete bridge or fly-over.
Comes in 2 sizes:
-'Wide' : top width = 14.5 meter (166.7 mm in HO/1:87)
-'Small' : top width = 11.9 meter (136.8 mm in HO/1:87)
The height is similar for both widths: 2.95 meter (33.9 mm in HO/1:87), like is the depth: 2.6 meter (29.9 mm in H0/1:87).
You can order 2 segment types: with or without a recess at the bottom.
The recess is there for the rubber cushions where the precast concrete bridge (span) segment is resting on a column.


IN: 6.565 w x 6.565 d x 6.565 h
CM: 16.674 w x 8.05 d x 3.382 h