Nn3 Passenger Car

Nn3 Passenger Car 3d printed Model trains Miniatures
40' passenger car, based on the modern rebuilt coaches of the D&RGW. Bullnose roof, double pane windows. Requires MT wheels and couplers. Etched brass handrails and decals available from RepublicLocomotiveWorks.com
Links to RLW parts needed to finish:
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=287 couplers
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=299 wheels
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=410 brass handrails
https://www.republiclocomotiveworks.com/show_item.php?ID=663 decals
cm: 8.34 w x 3.576 d x 1.574 h
in: 3.283 w x 1.408 d x 0.62 h


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