Misc 1/72 sci fi cargo containers - series 1

Misc 1/72 sci fi cargo containers - series 1 3d printed SciFi Miniatures
A variety of simple cargo containers including some open crates scaled for use in 1/72 dioramas. Some details are down to 0.25mm so Frosted Ultra Detail is strongly recommended. Pack includes: 3 small crates, 2 medium crates, 3 large crates, 2 large open crates with lids. 1 extra large crate, 2 drums, 2 small fuel cells, 3 large fuel cells and 1 coolant tank. NOTE: the two open containers contain faults when printed and I have not yet been able to identify the cause.
cm: 5.668 w x 1.046 d x 3.448 h
in: 2.231 w x 0.412 d x 1.357 h


Thanks. It's already been fixed but the picture hasn't been updated. I also had to thicken the walls a bit as they were just too fragile IMO when I recieved them so internal volume is smaller in the revised version.
February 3, 2012, 11:03 pm
The two open containers have internal faces showing, (the purple interior walls). I hear that can cause faults/errors. You can just highlight the faces, r-click, reverse faces.
February 3, 2012, 6:00 am
  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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