Heavy Bangle - Silver and Stainless Steel

Heavy Bangle - Silver and Stainless Steel 3d printed Jewelry Bracelets
The Series "Tri-Infinity" is inspired by a Möbius band and set into a new form. The result is a near-fluid surface - fantastic to wear and to look at. This bangle is the "flagship" - over 110g Sterling Silver! If you'd like to get the bangle in a nice jewellery box, you can also order it using my website silberneun.de.
cm: 8.658 w x 1.296 d x 8.59 h
in: 3.409 w x 0.51 d x 3.382 h


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December 4, 2013, 10:06 am
  • Polished Silver

    Smooth and slightly textured sterling silver hand-polished to a mild sheen.


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