Octa Star (aka 24-Octahedron)

Octa Star (aka 24-Octahedron) 3d printed Puzzles Toys
OctaStar this is analogous Little Chop Cube or 24-Cube: 24-Octahedron

I've been wanting to do this puzzle. I have a great relationship with her ;)
I'm the first person in the world who solve it! I wrote about this in the forum
this is a very difficult puzzle - the first 3-cycle which I found - 92 step

ADDON ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
You need 40 mm sphere... How to create metal sphere

2 * 24 = 48 magnets with 5 x 5 mm size (diameter x width).
Magnets you can find on ebay: http://shop.ebay.com

1. You purchase DIY Kit (do-it-yourself kit). Its not an assembled puzzle, but separate details.
2. You also have to buy a set of stickers or cut them by yourself.
sticker seller: Oliver Nagy - rubikkocka@gmail.com
3. or contact directly if you want to buy a fully dyed, assembled and stickered puzzle.

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cm: 6.29 w x 6.312 d x 6.308 h
in: 2.476 w x 2.485 d x 2.483 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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