[FE] Pendant of Lyart

[FE] Pendant of Lyart 3d printed Jewelry Keychains Pendant in Antiqued Bronze
Pendant in Antiqued Bronze
  • Polished Bronze Steel

    Enhanced bronze color, polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.


The Legendary Pendant which started the [OMFG] brand! Formerly known as the "Pendant of Penumbra" the original pendant Strength, Endurance and Progress. This piece is inspired by the [OMFG] Geared Pendant designed in 2007 which became popular on the 3D virtual platform of SL. This item is a designed and owned by the creator Cody Rauh aka Perefim / Failed Inventor. In 2012 the pendant was renamed the Pendant of Lyart after the "Order of Lyart" formed by Cody Rauh, both the designer of the pendant and founder of the order. As he turned his attention towards goals of infusing respect, honor and community back into society.


IN: 1.156 w x 1.156 d x 1.156 h
CM: 2.936 w x 3.286 d x 0.586 h