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Mathematician's Die

Mathematician's Die 3d printed Art Mathematical Art φ e π
φ e π
Not For Sale
Update! The Kickstarter project to have a run of Mathematician's Dice manufactured has been a great success! Buy the Mathematician's Dice here!

A die designed for mathematicians! Rather than the relatively boring numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6, this die is jam-packed with the six most important numbers in mathematics! It has: the imaginary number i; the additive identity 0, the multiplicative identity 1, the golden ratio φ (1.618...); Euler's number e (2.718...); and the circular constant π (3.141...).

Any mathematician (and many scientists too) will recognize not just the symbols but the typeface: they were rendered using Donald Knuth's Computer Modern typeface, part of the TeX/LaTeX system, the gold-standard for mathematical and scientific publications.

This die is the perfect gift for the mathematician or scientist (or gamer) in your life!

The symbols were rendered in LaTeX, converted to SVG with pstoedit & Insksape, turned into a TrueTupe font with FontForge, and then added to the existing die shape using Google Sketchup.

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IN: 0.6 w x 0.6 d x 0.6 h
CM: 1.524 w x 1.524 d x 1.524 h