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Aotrs103 Shadowfang Mk II Frigate

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Army Of The Red Spear

The Shadowfang was one of the earliest ships of the current generation, and after fifteen years of advancement, there have been many improvements. Unlike the Frostbeam A, which was a refit applied to all existing models, fine tuning the weapon systems, the Shadowfang Mk II is a new model, adding in new technology, but not making changes severe enough to warrent a new class. The Mk II hull is 20% more massive, but it maintains the same mission profile. Most of this extra mass is due to the enlargement of the coldbeam cannons, which have been increased in power and range by 33%, giving the Mk II even better firepower. Numerous additional point-defence systems have also been added, which enmasse somewhat compensate for the main cannon's poor firearcs. The first Shadowfang Mk IIs are now being delivered to Aotrs fleets.

Recommended material: Strong white flexible


IN: 0.665 w x 0.665 d x 0.665 h
CM: 1.69 w x 2.95 d x 0.696 h