Heart Armature

Not For Sale
This is but one part to form the love lamp. The design is able to mutate in many different forms, which affect the balance, each time guaranteeing you will have a new form. For instance it can also be mutated in the form of a standing lamp.

The current lamp with all components is intended to be used with low power led lights. In effect its very nice as a nightlamp for low power orientation and decoration. I need to redesign some parts so higher powered lamps can be used, preferably 12V Cree.

Another future idea is to attach stepper motors to both armature arms and incorporate an arduino, to let the lamp move its own arms thereby affecting its gravity and implicating its alive.


IN: 0.473 w x 0.473 d x 0.473 h
CM: 1.202 w x 24.194 d x 58.422 h