MG144-JAL01 Idoex Reconnaissance Buggy

by AotrsCommander
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Jalyrkeion Hierarchy

The 16RLM Idoex Reconnaissance Buggy eptiomises Jalyrkieon battle strategy: fast, flexibile and reliant on speed and manouverability over armour. It’s speed is helped considerably by the Jalyrkieon’s mastery of gravitic and telekinetic technology, and off-shoot of their own abilities. It is equipped with boosters, which, in addition to providing a short upward lift, also locally reduce the effect of gravity on the vehicle, allowing it to “hop” a surprising distance, and even extricate itself from obstacles.

The Idoex is typically fitted with one of two turrets. The first carries an improved sensor array, above a disintegrator cannon. This version is best in it’s scouting role, though despite the disintegrator’s fair power, it lacks a significant punch.

The second varient has no additional sensors, but instead a larger phased-plasma cannon. As with the starfleet, these weapons form the mainstay of the Jalyrkieon ground force. They fire a packet of phased-plasma contained in electromagnetic shell. While not as coherent – and so not as potent – as, say, plasma-pulse weaponry, the Jalyrkieon’s superior containment technology enables them to fire at substantially greater ranges, exceeding many conventional mid-range beam weapons. Further, the weapon systems are relatively small and highly efficient in terms of power. The accuracy of individual blasts is not great, as the contaiment field tends to degrade somewhat eratically. However, with a very good rate of fire, and with klarge batteries, or in the case of vehicles, multiple barrels, the amount of firepower they put out more than makes up for this shortcoming. The biggest disadvantage is, like many blaster weapons, the lack of localised penetrative power, meaning it is impossible to punch a hole through shields with concentrated fire. The discharge is typically a lilac or pink bolt.

With the improved efficiency of the Jalyrkieon’s phased-plasma technology, the weapon packs more punch, has greater range and is vastly better against shielded targets. This later version now sees more common use, despite it’s lesser efficiency as a scout.

Both turrets supplement the Idoex’s firepower at close range with a coaxual missile tube for the TVX-4 Rerif missile. The tube contains only a single missile, but it can be reloaded by bringing the turret to the forward position and rotating the tube fully vertical. The “blister” underneath then will open, allowing a maniplative tractor beam system to reload the launcher. The Idoex has six reloads under armour.

The Idoex also has a graviton crusher for point defense.


IN: 2.504 w x 1.634 d x 1.638 h
CM: 6.36 w x 4.15 d x 4.16 h


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