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ring08 XL 19

ring08 XL 19 3d printed Jewelry Seasonal ring XL black (gold wrapper not included)
ring XL black (gold wrapper not included)
  • Black

    Black nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Impress with less.
Ring XL is inspired on a square cut stone. Keep it pure or dress it up to match your daily fashion style by placing a shiny wrinkled candy wrapper or a piece of fabric.
A way to give disposables a second and high value added life.
This extravagant ring can give disposables a second and value added life.
Available sizes:
ring08 XL 17: diameter 17mm (USA 6¾)
ring08 XL 18: diameter 18mm (USA 8)
ring08 XL 19: diameter 19mm (USA 9¼)
ring08 XL 20: diameter 20mm (USA 10¼)
ring08 XL 21: diameter 21mm (USA 11½)

Besides this Ring XL and the smaller Ring there is also a ‘Cling’ design, a jewel that is hold by a naturally way between two fingers.
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IN: 1.176 w x 1.176 d x 1.176 h
CM: 2.988 w x 3.598 d x 3.3 h


I discovered a temporarily bug in the direct buy in size buttons. A work around to order paste these links in your browser: ring06 17mm: ring06 18mm: ring06 19mm: ring06 20mm: ring06 21mm: ring06 22mm:
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