1/144 Pfalz D.IIIA

1/144 Pfalz D.IIIA 3d printed Miniatures Games
1/144 Pfalz D.IIIA German WWI fighter.

The Pfalz D.III was a fighter aircraft used by the Luftstreitkräfte (Imperial German Air Service) during the First World War. The D.III was the first major original design from Pfalz Flugzeugwerke. Though generally considered inferior to contemporary Albatros and Fokker fighters, the D.III was widely used by the Jagdstaffeln from the fall of 1917 through the summer of 1918. It continued to serve as a training aircraft until the end of the war.

Perfect for the wargamers and collectors.
cm: 5.592 w x 5.794 d x 1.884 h
in: 2.202 w x 2.281 d x 0.742 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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