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Pug Hood Ornament

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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is a Pug head sculpture that can be used as a hood ornament on your car.  You'll probably want to prime it and paint it with a metallic paint.  I've hollowed this out to keep the cost down.  This model is 3.1 inches tall from top to bottom and can be "3D printed" to become a physical hood ornament in any of the materials shown below.  The least expensive material is "White Strong and Flexible" but "White Strong and Flexible Polished" is smoother.  I recommend "White Detail" because it has more detail.

You can attach it with 2 bolts that go through holes in your hood.  I suggest a 3/16" diameter bolt with 2 washers. The length of the bolt will vary with your particular hood. Don't get bolts longer than 2", or you won't be able to get the head of the bolt up inside the ornament.  Putting the nut inside the ornament and the bolt head outside would make the installation unnecesarily difficult.

Visit for information on coloring or clear coating your model.

A portion of the proceeds go to animal related charities. 

Be sure to watch the video of this model (below).


IN: 2.735 w x 2.735 d x 2.735 h
CM: 6.948 w x 7.964 d x 7.508 h