NT95UNu 1:148 95 tube stock UNDM (unpowered)

NT95UNu 1:148 95 tube stock UNDM (unpowered) 3d printed
 N scale (1:148) Northern Line 1995 stock tube train - uncoupling non-driving motor car (unpowered)
1995 stock is currently used on London Underground's Nothern Line. This model depicts the uncoupling non-driving motor cars which run in the centre of the train. It includes the body, chassis, and parts for two unpowered bogies.
See the Train Formation Diagram for the correct arrangement of cars and recommended position of power bogies. For a shorter four car train I suggest omitting the two UNDMs.
Suitable wheels and bearings for the bogies are available from Parkside Dundas:
PN66 5.1mm diameter metal wheels (pack of two)
PN67 5.1mm diameter metal wheels (pack of twenty)
PN51 Brass bearing cups (pack of twenty)
cm: 11.986 w x 5.268 d x 1.546 h
in: 4.719 w x 2.074 d x 0.609 h


  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


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