UMX Sbach Spinner V2.1

UMX Sbach Spinner V2.1 3d printed Showing clearance of spinner to cowl. (GWS 5030 used for photo)
Showing clearance of spinner to cowl. (GWS 5030 used for photo)
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Spinner for the UMX Sbach 342 designed to work with the GWS line of props.  Now Version 2.1.  The side of the spinner that comes in contact with the prop now has holes.  So that the exccess material from the shapeways printing process does not get trapped inside the spinner.

This spinner was designed to press-fit onto the GWS line of props (4" to 5" dia.) that are popular with the UM & UMX line of planes.  You now have the ability to swap out different size props quickly and easily without having to worry about gluing a foam spinner on straight.

Of course (as with everything) it comes at a price.  Weight.  Version 2.1 weighs 0.86g.  The OEM foam spinner weighs 0.13g.  Please check your "center of gravity" prior to flying.

**Will Not Work With OEM Prop**


IN: 0.764 w x 0.764 d x 0.764 h
CM: 1.94 w x 2.092 d x 2.6 h


I'm from Italy and i've just received this perfect spinner!! My compliments for the part and the shipment speed!!! Thanks a lot
November 7, 2012, 7:43 pm