Kreg Jones / Lewis Pot 01

  • White

    White nylon plastic polished to reveal a smooth matte finish.


This is a modern intepretation of a traditional Acoma Pueblo pot.
I hand made the original at the Taos Art School in NM. My Instructors were Delores Lewis Mitchell and Emma Lewis Garcia. They are the daughters of the famous potter Lucy Lewis. We followed extremely low tech traditions creating it. Hand built from sacred clay and glazes made from grinding stones. Painted with a yucca brush and then open pit dung fired. In contrast, the new piece is very high tech and remains virtual until ordered. It's 3d modeled, uploaded electronicly halfway around the world, 3d printed and shipped. Lucy Lewis said, "We consider our pots to have a life of their own."  The question is, will this high tech art object? Please let me know. -Kreg Jones


IN: 2.246 w x 2.246 d x 2.246 h
CM: 5.706 w x 5.708 d x 8.256 h