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Bracket EMG 30

Bracket EMG 30 3d printed Robotics Maker/DIY powertrain for robot
powertrain for robot
Choose Material
  • Sandstone

    Delicate and grainy, with a coarse finish and sand-like color.


This mounting bracket can be used to assembly and align the EMG 30 DC gearmotor. (also motors in diameter range from 25 – 33 mm)

The M4 threaded holes for set screws must itself be tapped. The set screws are M4 X 10 (2 X dog point, 1 X cone point)).

The mounting plates can be connected  with use of three M4 threaded rods.

The mounting plates are  designed for use during prototyping phase and not yet tested with external loads.

The center line of the DC motor mounted in a frame that consists of at least two mounting brackets and three threaded rods by means of two three set screws in any direction to make.


IN: 1.811 w x 1.811 d x 1.811 h
CM: 4.6 w x 4.998 d x 0.7 h
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