Lunar Runner

Lunar Runner 3d printed Miniatures Games
Sci-fi vehicle
cm: 5.93 w x 7.4 d x 1.744 h
in: 2.335 w x 2.913 d x 0.687 h


@Desert_Rat Lots of options out there, but texture mapping in Rhino is not intuitive. I think 3DSMax might be a quick learn! But I don't have a great suggestion for you, sorry... :(
October 2, 2013, 9:18 pm
Looking for software to do texture but would like a mild learning curve. Inventor does not do texturing well at all. Any ideas?
October 2, 2013, 8:37 pm
@Desert_Rat I use Rhino and Solidworks and usually render with Bunkspeed :)
October 2, 2013, 8:35 pm
@mikelyden What software do you use? I work with Inventor.
October 2, 2013, 5:28 pm
@Desert_Rat Thanks!
October 2, 2013, 3:29 pm
Really nice work!
October 1, 2013, 10:24 pm
Really nice work!
October 1, 2013, 10:23 pm
Really nice work!
October 1, 2013, 10:21 pm
  • Frosted Ultra Detail

    Matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.


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