Utanalog Utah Teapot (Pot)

Utanalog Utah Teapot (Pot) 3d printed For Your Home Dining
 This is a version of Unfold's Utanalog, an analog Utah teapot suitable for Shapeways Ceramic Material.
You will also need to order the Utanalog Teapot Lid in order to have a complete teapot.

The Utah teapot is a 3D model created in 1975 by Martin Newell which has become a standard reference object in the computer graphics community. It is a simple, round, partially concave mathematical model of an ordinary teapot. The objective of Utanalog by Unfold is to return the iconographic teapot to its roots as a piece of functional dish-ware while showing its status as an icon of the digital world. 

The original Utanalog by Unfold is cast in porcelain and minimally glazed to retain the sharp edges of the polygons on the outside. The original cast Utanalog is available at www.Unfold.be. We plan to create several more editions of Utanalog especially for Shapeways, so come back for low poly, high poly and smooth versions! 
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cm: 14.77 w x 18.086 d x 8.79 h
in: 5.815 w x 7.12 d x 3.461 h


Do you have any pictures of this teapot? I loved the images I found on http://www.unfold.be/pages/projects/items/utanalog
January 26, 2013, 7:56 pm
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