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Geared Widget #3 of 5

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is part 3 of a snap-fit puzzle machine.  When you turn the knob, it generates fun!  This is the deluxe model, there's a smaller version here.

Here's all the parts:
674x501_268210_279533_1338416287.jpg + 674x501_268210_279533_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268223_279543_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268223_279543_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268229_279547_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268231_279548_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268231_279548_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268237_279550_1338416287.jpg + 118x87_268237_279550_1338416287.jpg


IN: 0.92 w x 0.92 d x 0.92 h
CM: 2.336 w x 7.872 d x 2.254 h