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Two Piece Shade

Two Piece Shade 3d printed Accessories For Your Home Two Piece Shade - Assembly
Two Piece Shade - Assembly
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Two identical Pieces make one new amazing lampShade. 

The two parts of this innovative lighting system interlock to form one lampshade around the cable of an existing hanging light fixture. The locking mechanism was inspired by a Bikini Clip that is as easily opened and closed.

Lending itself well to bespoke customer alterations, Two Piece Shade can comprise personal messages or patterns to make it entirely unique and special. The translucent properties of Shapeway’s WSF make it the ideal material to generate interesting shadows and only reveal the inside when the light is lit. It’s further advantage of adding color opens up the possibility of mix-and-matching these interchangeable parts to your personal taste. 

The final size of the overall lampshade is H22cm x W12.4cm x D12.4cm

Please note that you need to order 2 pieces of this design in order to purchase one whole lampshade. These can however be different colours just as you like it.

Further interior patterns and designs will follow. But until then feel free to get in touch if you have any ideas/thoughts/wishes that you would like to see developed into a Two Piece Part.

Submitted to the ICFF11 competition for consideration






IN: 3.642 w x 3.642 d x 3.642 h
CM: 9.25 w x 22.03 d x 12.35 h