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25e HVAR for P51D

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This is a single HVAR Rocket with a single pylon set for the Hyperion 25e class P-51D Mustang RC plane. Package includes one rocket and single set of pylons, ready to be painted and assembled. There are 4mm round holes for circular 4x3mm magnets (you can find some from eBay), so that these will be detachable and hopefully will drop off in case of collision.

NOTE! This is just a single rocket and pylon. For full complement of P-51D armament, you need six of these.

Pricing: Shapeways has minimum order sum of $25.00. You need to buy multiple items to cover the minimum amount. Check all the other options at my shop:

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IN: 1.168 w x 1.168 d x 1.168 h
CM: 2.966 w x 4.32 d x 20.64 h