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SSA202 Bulwark Escort Cruiser

SSA202 Bulwark Escort Cruiser 3d printed Miniatures SciFi Painted model
Painted model
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Saturn Syndicate Ascendancy

Hawkings Astronautics (Military) HAM-123 Bulwark Class Escort Cruiser

The HAM-123 Bulwark is a typical Hawkings Astronautics design. Manouvrable and highly durable, the Bulwark can take heavy pounding. The Bulwark's role is point-defense, and thus it carries a wide range of particle pellet guns and light hyper-rays, an amount equivilent to many purely dedicated escort vessels. The Bulwark, though, thank to the accomplished miniaturisation technologu the SSA is renowned for, also carries significant anti-ship armament. This consists of several hyper-ray blisters and astroburster cannons, and pair of torpedo tubes in the lower hulls, which also caary four probes apiece, allowing the Bulwark some reconnaissence ability to boot. The "spine" like many other SSA ships, consists of sensor and communications masts for a variety of purposes, including recieving telemetry from the probes. 

Suggested material: Strong white flexible


IN: 0.622 w x 0.622 d x 0.622 h
CM: 1.58 w x 4.692 d x 1.472 h