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Broad Thorn Pendant

Broad Thorn Pendant 3d printed Jewelry Necklaces sparkling in the sun
sparkling in the sun
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  • Raw Silver

    Sterling silver mechanically polished to reveal classic beauty and slight texture.


This is the Broad Thorn Pendant.
(The ten necessary gemstones are not included.
You can get them for example from this unaffiliated shop: nahoppla-shop.)

It has two grommets, one on each end.
So depending on your taste you can wear it upright or sideways.
With 3.9cm length it is quite big and eye catching.

On each of the two twisted sides five 5mm diameter gemstones goes in.

You can even make it multicolored if you'd like,
but single colored designs are definitely more elegant.

Thorns are always assoziated with roses and they have simply to be red
so I've choosen red gemstones for the one depicted above.
It's wonderfully sparkling in bright sunlight.

length ............ 39 mm
approx. diameter .. 16 mm
grommet diamter ... ~4 mm
gem diameter ......  5 mm (not included)

It was only test-printed in unpolished silver. Note that especially the steel versions could have surface roughness that might prefent the gemstones from fitting in properly. Alumide Is very brittle and probably won't be polishable. If you really want to try it give me a note.


IN: 0.503 w x 0.503 d x 0.503 h
CM: 1.278 w x 1.462 d x 3.9 h


Hi MaraJade, I've added a lot of material options and updated the description.
November 24, 2012, 11:50 am
Beautiful pendant! A little expensive. Perhaps if there were more material options...
November 24, 2012, 4:42 am