EU Corvan Gunship Mk2 - Recon/Patrol

EU Corvan Gunship Mk2 - Recon/Patrol 3d printed
The patrol/recon version. The region of space around Corvus is populated with many hostiles, from Corellian commerce raiders to less 'respectable' pirates an this vessel is charged with keeping the borders free of them all.
With a vastly superior sensor array (long range dish/ high powered medium range dish and multi wave sensor antennae) and a respectable enough small ship armament of a twin turbolaser turret and a single laser cannon  in rapid traverse mounting this vessel can not only spot raiders well before they are spotted in return but can usually make them regret the decision to intrude into Corvan space.
But should it run into something it cant handle the fact that it has 6 high powered engines as opposed to the usual 4 means it can usually outun anything it cant fight.
cm: 1.796 w x 5.76 d x 1.454 h
in: 0.707 w x 2.268 d x 0.572 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


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