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D17 Sphere Dice

D17 Sphere Dice 3d printed Mathematical Art Dice In Stainless Steel (numbers manually inked) - picture courtesy of Justin M.
In Stainless Steel (numbers manually inked) - picture courtesy of Justin M.
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Truncated Sphere D17 with a 5-fold symmetry

This die is inspired by the repulsion force polyhedra. In fact, the underlying polyhedron (not rounded) is very similar to the shape that can be obtained through this technique with 17 points repulsing each others.

Actually, I calculated the positions of 17 points to have a maximal radius for the circles resulting from the intersection of this underlying polyhedron with a sphere with the following constraints:
- 1 point per pole (upper and lower face - parallel to the horizontal plane)
- 5 points around each pole
- 5 remaining points corresponding to 5 faces perpendicular to the horizontal plane

The result is a truncated sphere with 17 circular faces of same radius.

For the numbering, as usual:
 - the sum of the 5 numbers of the two tropics and of the equator is constant (and equals to 51)
 - the sum of the 2 poles, of two numbers of the tropics that are symmetric relatively to the equator, of two numbers of the equator that are symmetric relatively to number 9 is constant (and equals to 18)

See this thread for more informations.

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IN: 0.861 w x 0.861 d x 0.861 h
CM: 2.188 w x 2.106 d x 2 h

April 26, 2011, 3:26 pm