Cessna 172 Air Vent tube scoop / hat. 0413157

Cessna 172 Air Vent tube scoop / hat. 0413157 3d printed Miniatures
For experimental use only. Cessna 172 cabin air scoop vent tube is mounted on the inside of the leading edge of the wing. It is modeled after the original equipment manufactured by Cessna. (All dimensions match, fits just like original part) Original Cessna part numbers that this was modeled from 0413157 (scoop / hat) 0413233 (elbow) 0422014-4 (elbow) 0422014-1. (elbow) I believe this fits all "High lift leading edge" airplanes. (1974 and newer) This part has no type of approval or certifications. This part would require proper approval for use on a certified aircraft.

cm: 8.636 w x 3.93 d x 8.1 h
in: 3.4 w x 1.547 d x 3.189 h


  • White Strong & Flexible

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.