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High Performance Golf Tees (5)

High Performance Golf Tees (5) 3d printed Accessories Gadgets Five High Performance Tees
Five High Performance Tees
  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


These tees support your ball on 3 small points, minimizing friction. Nylon supports bend out of the way on impact. When fully inserted, your ball is 3/4" above ground. Nylon material should last many rounds.

This theory matches that of other "high performance" tees, and price is competitive with them.  I used a single tee for 8 holes, and was pleased with the result.  Other than accumulated dirt, there was no noticeable deterioration of the tee.  I am not a good enough golfer to evaluate extra yardage claims.

I have read that other "high performance" tees are easily lost because they "sproing" far away on impact.  The energy that moves them can only come from one place: your club head.  Any energy that goes into the tee is not transferred to the ball.  These tees stayed in place for me, so may have enabled more energy transfer to the ball.  If you try them, I would appreciate hearing of your experience.

Package of 5.


IN: 2.071 w x 2.071 d x 2.071 h
CM: 5.26 w x 3.26 d x 4.446 h