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"Sparks" Gunslinger figure

  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


Hand-held electrostatic blaster gun converts into a 56mm robot action figure with 9 points of articulation. Open hands allow him to hold any accessory with a 3mm peg.

Gun mode comes with a choice of three handles, either of which can be glued in to the mounting point on the figure's back. 
Option 1 is a standard 5mm post, which is compatible with any figure bearing a 5mm peg hole.
Option 2 is a modified version of the post, which can still be used by figures with 5mm peg holes, but also has a built-in clip which allows it to clip onto any 3mm diameter rail.
Option 3 is a two-stage post, which like Option 1, can fit into any 5mm peg hole, but also has a narrowed end allowing it to be used by figures with 4mm diameter peg holes.

Supplied as a 16-piece kit. Finishing (painting/dyeing) required, alternatively can be purchased in one of the available pre-dyed colours.   


IN: 3.062 w x 3.062 d x 3.062 h
CM: 7.778 w x 1.228 d x 5.29 h