Belt Holder - Ankh

Belt Holder - Ankh 3d printed Belts Rendered to approximate SWF material.
Rendered to approximate SWF material.
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  • White

    White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


** Updated model and less expensive **
Are you one of those lucky ones who aren't mass-challenged around the mid-point of your body (you aren't fat!)? Do you have belts that have the end hang loose because it doesn't quite reach a belt loop to hold it? Then you need a belt holder! This stylish accessory will grip the top and bottom of both sides of the belt and stop the end from flopping around.

Egyptian Ankh design. See the last image for the inside holder dimensions. If you'd like a smaller or larger one, or if you have another design you'd like to see on it (maybe your initial?) let me know at gslinger (at) rogers (dot) com. 

The dimensions will fit most "average" belts. In examining one of my own belts I was surprised to find that two layers actually measured over 5mm in thickness... 


IN: 0.764 w x 0.764 d x 0.764 h
CM: 1.94 w x 1.114 d x 3.76 h